I'm at ThoughtWorks. At last. It's been my dream for a very long time. To be part of this, -hmm, how to put it?, weird company.

I won't write much about my experience so far because it's only been a month and I suspect it's nowhere enough to get a real feeling of the environment. For that, wait for a June 2015 post. (Ok, it's been great so far.)

The story began when I decided to take the leap and send my CV to San Francisco office back at January. After 6 months of intense interviews and conversations, they'd so impressed that they decided to extend their business in Istanbul, just for me. (Ok, refer here and here if you didn't buy it and want a more realistic version.)

So, apart from my daily responsibilities as a consultant/developer, we have this fantastic job of starting up the Istanbul office. It's quite an interesting experience. On one hand It's ThoughtWorks, a 20 years old company, on the other, it's just like a startup. Best of two worlds. Having a startup experience of my own (2 years of struggle, misery, adrenalin, ups and downs), this is definitively different, yet familiar somehow.

Putting my own story with ThoughtWorks aside, there is another aspect to this that excites me to the bones. Back when we started Istanbul Coders (a community of passionate technologists always unsatisfied with the status quo) we had, and still have, this ambitious, if not crazy, ideal of playing a role in improving the way things work concerning software design, creation and delivery. In this regard, having ThoughtWorks in Istanbul means a lot to me. I'm quite delighted to think that we will be a driving force in helping people and communities improving the way they develop and deliver software.

So, exciting days to come...


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