The Phoenix Project

the phoenix project cover
If you read The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, The Phoenix Project tells the same story, in the same way, but from IT and Operations perspective.

The main character, Bill, is recently promoted (or thrown) into VP of Operations position. The book explains in detail, how, with the help of his mentor Erik, he and his colleagues transform a rotten business into a functional and profitable operation.

I have mixed feelings about this book. When almost a year ago, I read The Goal, although I did get the value, I wasn't able to clearly grasp how the mapping between a manufacturing plant and IT should supposed to be. In this perspective, the book shows a clear connection between two notions.

On the other hand, its (probably intentional) simplistic presentation, sometimes makes you wonder about the applications of the ideas into real life. I suppose it bears the risk of boring you if you're an experienced DevOps engineer.

Overall, I don't believe every book you read should be a great read, and if you can get something out of it, even small, it's OK. I recommend the book to anyone who wants a light read about DevOps, Theory of Constraints and Systems Thinking.


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