The Ocean at the End of the Lane

book cover
I started to read it in the morning and couldn't put it down till to end. I might be biased into the fantasy genre but I guess this book has something to offer to even most realistic, down to earth ones among us.

It's a tale of childhood memories of a middle aged man returning to his hometown for his father's funeral. We are invited to a series of events of the unnamed protagonist while he was seven.

I often thought I was watching one of Miyazaki's animations. The characters, never resolved completely, always leaving some to readers' interpretation, ideas, absurd and far from our reality, but presented so coherently that you never feel of the grid.

Suggested strongly to anyone who

  • isn't afraid to read tales at this age
  • tired of technical or heavy materials and wants something of light
  • loved the first one or two Harry Potter's books but got bored after


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